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Market Potential specializes in providing sustainability market support to help its clients reduce their environmental impact and create significant market presence in the new green economy.   Businesses and consumers are becoming savvy buyers with many choosing to buy sustainable products or from "green" businesses with sustainable operations.  Market Potential works with its clients to help them operate more sustainably, reduce their environmental impact, navigate greenhouse gas laws, and produce sustainable products.

Market Potential works with entrepreneurs and technologists helping them to commercialize new state-of-the-art, clean technologies.  Market Potential provides strategic marketing and partnership development support for small, venture-backed firms in the energy and environment sectors, as well as clients with new sustainable technologies and practices that minimize the consumption of raw materials.  Small firms are resource-limited but have immense growth potential.  We provide experienced, strategic guidance to help unleash the potential of our client's technology, applying innovative strategies, market access, and market research to cultivate customers and achieve a sustainable market presence.

Market Potential has extensive expertise in the energy, environment, and sustainability domains.  We bring over 25 years of experience in strategic guidance and knowledge of these markets.  Working on an interim management or task-by-task basis, we provide expert support with a clear understanding of the technology, the market, and the strategic, needs of our clients.  With Market Potential, our clients avoid the cost of hiring additional permanent staff.

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September 2014 - Market Potential moderates a panel on clean energy technology deployment (Our Events)