Core Services

Specializing in helping entrepreneurs and ventures with innovative technologies, Market Potential develops strategic solutions designed to foster growth and financial sustainability for our clients. For our clients, we define their target markets, assess their competition, develop key partners, and help secure necessary funding.  Then, we develop custom strategies for our clients to assist them in acquiring target customers with value-driven products, positioning, and key partners.   

As a boutique consulting practice with a low overhead, Market Potential is effective in addressing the budget limitations of our clients.  We support our clients on a task basis or interim management basis, helping our resource-limited clients address strategic needs without hiring additional permanent staff.


  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Understand market development and adoption hurdles
  • Deep market knowledge with sound strategy development
  • Investor network of angels & venture capitalists
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Our four core services represent the key strategic tools our clients need to grow:

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Market Assessments

Using our key commercial contacts and extensive market knowledge, we design and perform market assessments that help our clients obtain specific market data to assess their business opportunity.

Competitor Assessments

Market Potential provides its clients with key market intelligence and critical strategic recommendations that help our clients seize market share and realize an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

Partnership Development

Leveraging its deep commercial network, Market Potential develops critical partnerships for its clients to help them develop their technology, grow, and access the marketplace.

Investor Positioning

Using its vast network of angel and venture capital investors, Market Potential helps position its clients with select investors, developing key strategic features of the business so that investors will find their venture attractive.