Competitor Assessments

Competitor assessments are a critical component of a firm's marketing strategy.  To successfully compete in the marketplace, the firm must know who its competitors are and how its product or service offering matches up against the competition.  The firm must know their competitors strengths and weaknesses in order to develop an effective marketing strategy.   Then, the firm can leverage the unique advantage that will allow it to compete successfully in the marketplace.

Market Potential utilizes its extensive market intelligence to develop critical strategic recommendations for our clients that allow them to compete effectively in their target markets. With over 25 years of experience, we help our clients realize their unfair market advantage and craft a strategy to leverage their unique advantage.  We test our recommendations by anticipating the response of competitors to determine the best course of action for our clients.  

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Our three competitor assessment services are the key strategic tools that allow our clients successfully compete in the marketplace:

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Assess Competitors

With our market knowledge, we help our clients assess their competitor's strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing one's competitors is crucial to understanding how your firm will compete effectively in the marketplace.

The Unfair Advantage

Once we understand the competition, we determine what unique, sustainable advantage will secure our client's place in the market.  Market Potential helps its clients find value in their offering and create an unfair market advantage.

The Competitive Strategy

With our extensive market knowledge, Market Potential develops unique competitive strategies for its clients.   Our strategies contain key strategic recommendations that help our clients seize market share and anticipate competitor responses.