Market Assessments

Market assessments help firms understand their target markets in order to position their product or service offering in the marketplace.  The customer needs, the value of the offering, and the value chain must be understood thoroughly in order to capture significant market share.   The market strategy utilizes these key elements to determine how best to position and promote the offering to maximize market share.

Market Potential utilizes its network of industry contacts and extensive market intelligence to develop critical market solutions for our clients. Primary market research, including the opinions of target customers, form the basis of our strategies. Our market assessments help our clients determine if launching an offering in a new market is a good investment.  Using our industry contacts, we help our clients cultivate target clients for their offering.

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Our four market assessment services are the key strategic tools that allow our clients to fully understand their target market:



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Assess Customer Needs

With our market knowledge, we help our clients assess the customer's needs for their product or service.   Understanding the needs and how they will utilize your product or service is crucial to your venture's success.

Determine Value/Pricing

To price your offering, we must understand its value to the customer.  Market Potential helps its clients determine the value and pricing of their offering with key market intelligence and primary market surveys.

Understand Value Chain

The successful firm must know how to sell and deliver its offering.  Leveraging our network, Market Potential helps its clients understand key suppliers, important distributors, and regulators impacting their business opportunity.

Cultivate Market

Using our vast network and market knowledge, Market Potential develops successful market strategies and helps its clients cultivate target clients.  A good market strategy helps your firm position and promote your offering in the market.