Investor Positioning

Building a successful venture in the energy, environment, or sustainability markets is a capital intensive endeavor.  Significant funding is needed to develop a new technology, validate product performance, and install the infrastructure necessary to manufacture and distribute products in these markets.  Securing funding is of primary importance throughout the growth cycle of the venture.  And often the most difficult funding to raise is the initial seed or first institutional round when investors are first vetting the technology. 

Market Potential leverages its network of angel and venture capital investors for its clients.  We understand the investment criteria of our network of investors.  Knowing these criteria, we are able to position our clients with specific investors that will be responsive to our clients technology and business concept.  We work with our clients to develop the business plan and investor presentation to generate maximum impact with target investors. 

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Inquire About Investor Positioning

Our three investor positioning services are the critical steps that help our clients obtain the necessary funding they need to grow:


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Identify Keen Investors

Using our investor network, we find investors that will understand our client's mission and have a desire to fund the challenges our clients address.   Our investor network focuses in the energy, environment, and life science sectors. 

Position For Funding

To get funded, a firm must have a winning business plan that meets the criteria of prospective investors.  Market Potential knows the funding criteria of investors within our network, helping our clients align their strategy with these criteria.

Introduce Our Clients

Leveraging our contacts with target investors, Market Potential helps its clients by securing the first investor meeting, the opportunity to present the firm's business case.  It is the desired opportunity that hopefully leads to funding.